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New York: Do



IMG_20140803_192255Here are some things you can (pretty much) only do in New York.


What cha gonna do? Here’s what Sarah and I think is fun in no particular order…

Time Square

Let’s face it, this is one of the big reasons you’re heading to New York. It’s one of those big wow moments when you first experience it. Tourists love it, locals suffer through it. They’ve got tons of cool walking street areas, it’s where all of the Broadway theatres are, tons of billboards and fancy-schmancy things. Totally worth it to spend an hour in with your loved one in one hand and a scallion cream cheese bagel in the other–more on that later. While you’re in Time Square you might as well check out some of the staples as well…

  • Toys ‘R Us complete with giant indoor ferris wheel and giant dinosaur
  • M&M Store with its multistory candy dispensers
  • Hershey’s store because, ya know chocolate and such
  • The tons of souvenir shops that you will not be buying anything at because they are crazy expensive and there are waaaaay better places to get yo fix. Heck even walking one block off Broadway to 7th will cut those crazy prices in half and a trip down to Canal Street will cut that in half again (or even more if you’re a sadistic barterer… like Sarah). Pro-tips on this later.

Empire State Building

Yup, King Kong, blah blah blah, super touristy, blah, blah, blah… It’s pretty cool and totally reasonable for a killer view of the city (especially compared to other tall building elevator rides… lookin’ at you CN Tower). Particularly slick move if you go really close to closing as it’s going to be its quietest and you can cap a day off with the last trip up just after 1:00am.

One special note: In the winter it’s effing freezing.

Winter Funtimes: Rockefeller Skating Rink

Speaking of the winter, if you’re into skating then you pretty much owe it to yourself to pay the extortion level prices of the Rockefeller skating rink. You’ve seen it in the talkies now see it in real life!

Top of the Rock

Speaking of the heart of the Illuminati, you should totally check out the Top of the Rock (i.e. the top of the Rockefeller building) if yer into that sorta thing… Basically Empire State with a different view so… do it?

Fifth Avenue

This will either make you cringe or salivate… either way it will be involuntary and I hope the two don’t occur at the same time. It’s a pretty cool walk through normal to hyper high end clothing, accessories, and that sort of thing. If you’re a bargain hunter there are actually some good deals to be found in their sales racks. If you wander down this way during the winter you can checkout Saks Fifth Avenue for it’s pretty cool light show.


Okay so if you’re a frequenter of the States this is much less interesting but it’s cool because it’s always in the background of movies and such. It’s a big mid to higher end department store. Lots of people like to shop there apparently.

Canal Street

Here’s hoping the foreshadowing was worth it! The cheapest souvenirs, perfume, purses, brand name (read knock off or stolen) anything  in NYC. Bundle up and don’t wear anything brand name because you’re going to want to haggle them down to as cheap as possible. The best thing to do is say no thanks until they are at ¼ of their original price or less, trust me it’ll get there, and then offer even lower. Sarah’s the expert at this so I’m going to let her take over…

You need to have cash and you should separate your money… know how much you are willing to spend and don’t go higher unless you’ve walked around and haven’t found it cheaper or been able to get it cheaper… you can always go back to the store. I usually put a $20 bill in my right pocket and $15 (a 10 and a 5) in my left… this way you can say “all I have is a $20” or “all I have is $15” and get it down to that price… you can’t say “all I have is $15” and then take out a $20. If you want to buy lots of stuff make sure to bring a fair amount of cash but keep it in your purse or wallet until you need to restock your pockets. Ladies should do the looking and talking (unless it’s super sketchy) everyone’s generally nicer to ya… and pretend like you don’t care if you don’t get their stuff!!! ALL of the stores pretty much have the same things so they are willing to go fairly low to get your business. It’s a GREAT place to get SUPER cheap perfume or brand name bags. Some stores will seem SUPER sketchy obviously use your judgement and if you don’t feel comfortable don’t go into the back room (obviously) but most stores will not have a back room and Bryce and I think that sometimes they just do it all for show.

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